Elizabeth Gaskell

One of my mes is, I do believe, a true Christian – (only people cal her socialist and communist), another of my mes is a wife and mother, and highly delighted at the delight of everyone in the house… Now that’s my “social” self I suppose. Then again I’ve another self with a full taste for beauty and convenice which is pleased on its own account. How am I to reoncile all these warring memebers?

– Elizabeth Gaskell’s letter to Eliza (Tottie) Fox
April 1850

  • Her Family

    Roots (posts coming soon)
    • Father, William Stevenson
    • Mother, Elizabeth Holland
    • Brother, John Stevenson
    • Step-Family, Catherine Thompson and Children
    • Aunt, Hannah Lumb
    • Aunt, Abigail Holland
    • Cousin, Marianne Lumb
    • Uncle, Dr. Peter Holland
    Marriage and Children
    • Husband, William Gaskell
    • Eldest Daughter, Marianne Gaskell
    • Daughter, Margaret Emily ‘Meta’ Gaskell
    • Daughter, Florence Emily ‘Flossy’ ‘Flora’ Gaskell
    • Son, William ‘Willie’ Gaskell
    • Youngest Daughter, Julia Bradford Gaskell


84 Plymouth Grove


The Literary and Art World of the 19th Century

Excerpts from her Letters

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