Postal Delivery: Daily Quotes from Mrs. Gaskell’s Letters – June 3rd

April 25th, 1862
To: Florence Nightingale

My dear Miss Nightingale,

It will be a real delight to me if I can help in anyway in providing you with women who would make suitable nurses. This is the very time of all other, when Manchester ought to furnish them readily and gratefully; for there is very great dearth of employment for women of every trade, as all are more or less affected by the cotton-crisis…

Painting: Portrait of Florence Nightingale and her sister Frances Partenope, by William White c. 1836
Source: Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, J. A. V. Chapple, and Alan Shelston. Further letters of Mrs. Gaskell . Newly updated in pbk. ed. Manchester: Manchester University Press ;, 2003. Print.


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  1. fivereflections says:

    can you imagine a world without Florence Nightingale’s great imagination?

    enjoy your posts

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