Postal Delivery: Daily Quotes from Mrs. Gaskell’s Letters – June 19th

June 22nd, 1858
To: Harriette Bright, sister of Henry Arthur Bright and a friend of Gaskell’s daughter Marianne

My dear Harriette,

Lindeth Tower* sounds very grand; but it is a queer ugly square tower in our garden, –which latter is fuller of weeds, and general entanglement than any place you ever saw before, –so don’t expect anything but an old queer small cottage. Your letter has been forwarded to me today, and Meta and I are so glad to think we shall see you! …

* Located in Silverdale near Lancaster, where they spent the Summer Holiday, there was a recent article about it published here.

Painting: Rainy Day in Bisham, Frederick Walker
Source: Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, J. A. V. Chapple, and Alan Shelston. Further letters of Mrs. Gaskell . Newly updated in pbk. ed. Manchester: Manchester University Press ;, 2003. Print.

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  1. Barbara Kidder says:

    This is so interesting.
    Is the daughter, Marianne, and Meta, one and the same?

    1. They are two different daughters. Gaskell had four: Marianne (eldest born, 1834) Margaret Emily (went by Meta, born, 1837), Florence (went by Flossy, 1842), Julia Bradford (1846).
      I have another series in the works on Gaskell’s Family. 😉

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