• Austenprose
    Laurel Ann hosted the 2010 Elizabeth Gaskell Blog Tour, honoring the 200th Anniversary of her birth.  This lovely blog discusses Jane Austen’s novels, movies, sequels, and the pop culture she’s inspired
  • AustenOnly
    Elizabeth Gaskell is often compared with Jane Austen, Julie Wakefield offers in-depth information on the Georgian era and Miss Jane’s life
  • Brook Street Chapel
    The Knutsford Chapel where Elizabeth Gaskell worshiped and where she and her husband are buried
  • Brontë Blog
    Charlotte Brontë was a good friend of Mrs. Gaskell, at Charlotte’s death, she wrote her biography at the request of her family.
  • Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell Overview
    A division of the Victorian Web, which includes a biography, information about settings, literary imagery used by Mrs. Gaskell, social history of the period, and more
  • Gaskell Bibliography Resource
    Nancy S. Weyant has compiled a wonderfully comprehensive list of material on Elizabeth Gaskell that’s been published after 2002
  • Gaskell Journal
    The Gaskell Journal is a peer-reviewed scholarly publication dedicated to disseminating the most authoritative, dynamic and agenda-setting research in Gaskell Studies.
  • Gaskell Society
    Committed to promoting and encouraging the study and appreciation of the works and life of Elizabeth Gaskell
  • Girlebooks
    Five of Mrs. Gaskell’s main works are available as professionally formatted free ebooks
  • Manybooks
    Another free ebook resource, filled with Mrs. Gaskell’s short stories, essays, and novellas
  • Reading, Writing, Working, Playing
    A blog on Classic Literature by author Jane Greensmith, who’s focused on Mrs. Gaskell for the past few years, and is also one of Gaskell Blog’s guest contributors
  • The Gaskell Web
    An excellent and informative resource to all things Elizabeth Gaskell
  • Your Gaskell Library
    Deb, coordinator of the Jane Austen Society in Vermont, compiles a comprehensive list of where to find Gaskell in print, online, and media

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