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As this blog continues to grow I hope to have posts about each of her works. Click on the titles with links to read posts about them.


Novellas and Short Stories

  • The Moorland Cottage
  • Doom of the Griffiths
  • Lizzie Leigh
  • Round the Sofa
  • Lois the Witch
  • A Dark Night’s Work
  • Uncle Peter
  • Cousin Phillis
  • A House to Let
  • The Half-Brothers
  • Half a Lifetime Ago
  • The Manchester Marriage
  • My Lady Ludlow
  • Mr. Harrison’s Confessions
  • The Grey Woman
  • Curious if True
  • Six weeks at Heppenheim
  • Libbie Marsh’s Three Eras
  • Christmas Storms and Sunshine
  • Hand and Heart
  • Bessy’s Troubles at Home
  • Disappearances


  • An Accursed Race
  • French Life


  • The Life of Charlotte Bronte



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