Postal Delivery: Daily Quotes from Mrs. Gaskell’s Letters – June 9th

February 23, 1846
To: Barbara Fergusson, governess to Marianne and Meta Gaskell

My dear Daddy,

You have been very good in writing to me twice; and pray thank Marianne [MA] & Meta for their letters. I will try and answer them tomorrow. MA’s has much more news in it than usual.

I am sorry to say Aunt Ab has  got both housemaid & cook; the former a young woman who has gone into service for the first it,e under much circumstances as the Miss Blackmores; and the latter an awful ‘treasure’ of a servant; such a treasure for faithfulness, good cooking &c that she may be as cross as she likes, and do what she likes and Aunt Ab daren’t say a word…

Daddy name of endearment towards Miss Fergusson
Aunt Ab or Abigail was known for her rather difficult temperament

Painting: Posting a Letter, by Frederick Daniel Hardy 1879
Source: Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, J. A. V. Chapple, and Alan Shelston. Further letters of Mrs. Gaskell . Newly updated in pbk. ed. Manchester: Manchester University Press ;, 2003. Print.

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