A Gallery of Knutsford, the Cranford of Mrs. Gaskell’s Experience

Knutsford is the town where Elizabeth Gaskell grew up with her dear Aunt Lumb and Aunt Abigail. Join me in this little photo tour! Please click on the thumbnail to view a larger image and the photographer credits.
Also sometimes written as Heathwaite or Heathecoate
Mrs. Gaskell grew up in this house with her dear Aunt Lumb
Heathcoate house, home of Elisabeth Gaskell
The Gaskell Tower
Built in 1907 by Richard Harding. The side of the tower contains a plaque with a list of her novels and a relief portrait Gaskell.

Gaskell Tower_IGP3047The Gaskell TowerElizabeth Gaskell StatueKnutsford

The Gaskell Tower on King StreetKing StreetElizabeth Gaskell BuildingKnutsfordGaskell Memorial Tower - Day 74 of Project 365

The Ruskin Rooms
Commissioned by Richard Harding Watt, he was a great admirer of Ruskin and named the building after him.

Knutsford, CheshireThe Ruskin Rooms building, Knutsford 180110 DSC_0073The Ruskin Rooms building, Knutsford 180110 DSC_0072The Ruskin Rooms, Knutsford DSC_0074

Tatton Park
Tatton Park Mansion, Knutsford, Cheshire 26/04/2009Tatton Park-24Views of Mansion at Tatton Park, Knutsford
Radbroke Hall

Radbroke HallKnutsford 2010

The Marble Arch

Off King Street, Knutsford 180110 DSC_0068Knutsford - Marble Arch 100811 [blue plaque]Marble Arch, KnutsfordKnutsford - Marble Arch 100811

Post Boxes

WA16 84 Knutsford 08-02-2008 16-26-10Knutsford postboxes

The Former Town Hall

Former Town Hall

Tabley House

Tabley House, CheshireTabley Point to Point Races, Knutsford, CheshireTabley House, CheshireSt Peter's Church, Tabley HouseSt Peter's Church, Tabley House

Around Knutsford

IMG_0152Black and white timbersIMG_0123IMG_0120"The Lord Eldon", Knutsford 180110 DSC_0078

Knutsford building524 Knutsford - The White BearCross Keys - Knutsford The Chapel House Inn - Mobberley

Knutsford street scene - DSC_0054Penny Farthing MuseumThe Rose & Crown Hotel - KnutsfordKnutsford Royal May Day 2010
Red Cow - Knutsford575427IMG_6334
Bucklow RDC OfficesThe Angel - KnutsfordPenny Farthing Museum
Knutsford - The Old Chapel, King Street 100811zzzz 0724 133804 brides of cheshirezzzz 0724 133418 buildingszzzz 0724 130949 building
Mansion House

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