The Picnic at Cranford, a blog tour: 2nd Stop

Elaine of Random Jottings reviews the BBC adaptation of Gaskell’s Cranford Let us go and see!

I tell you now, if there is a finer actress living anywhere in the universe at the moment than Dame Judi Dench, please tell me and I shall have great pleasure in telling you all that YOU ARE WRONG.  I have just watched the most sublime, heartbreaking performance over the last hour which outshines anything else I have seen for  a long, long time.  One scene with the equally sublime Sir Michael Gambon just reduced me to tears of delight and sadness.  I would like to say that the acting is of an incredible standard, except that it is not acting, you watch Sir M and Dame J and they are not themselves, they are Miss Matty and Mr Holbrook and they are alive and real and in your living room… read more.


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  1. Barbara Kidder says:

    Such a fine tribute to the acting of these two wonderful actors, but let us not forget that it was Elizabeth Gaskell whose heart created the story and who penned the lines that move us so.
    It was she who introduced us to the hauntingly beautiful poetry of Tennyson, uttered by Mr. Holbrook:
    “Would to God – for I had loved thee more than ever wife was loved.”

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