Gaskell Friday News & Web Round Up

Please join me every other Friday as we review news and blog posts related to the authoress.

University of London Jenny Uglow, author of Elizabeth Gaskell: A habit of Stories gave a lecture on October 12th at Senate Hall titled “One Human Heart”

Exploring Wordsworth’s presence in Gaskell’s industrial novels and rural tales, and also Gaskell’s links with the Lake District, her friendship with the Arnold family and other local literary figures, and her eventual meeting with Wordsworth in 1849.

Things Mean a Lot A lovely review of North & South

This is a story in which a young woman’s psychological and emotional growth and her dealings with some of the main social issues of her time take the centre stage …read more

Letters to Elizabeth A look at whaling and social mobility in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Sylvia’s Lovers

Gaskell speculates that the possibility of social improvement made Northern whalers less willing to be pressed than sailors in “southern towns,” since a sailor on the deck of a frigate had much the same hard life as a sailor on a cargo ship:…read more


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