The Picnic at Cranford, a blog tour: 1st stop

Kim of Love Letters to the Library has brought a charming treat for us on our picnic outing! Let us go and see!

…And now, I promised sweet treats! My favorite type of treat is a good love story. I’m a real sucker for them. In my copy of North and South, I’ve turned down all the pages where John and Margaret interact so I can easily flip to them when I am in need of something sweet. And I know exactly where their scenes are on the DVDs! Is anyone else with me on this?

I must admit that, for all my love of Elizabeth Gaskell, this is the first time I’ve actually read Cranford. I have the BBC’s charming adaptation on DVD, but I had never encountered the wonderfulness of the actual novel. And wonderful I have certainly found it to be! As one drawn to love stories, I was happy to see that — even in the aging and generally male-free world of the Amazons of Cranford — the ladies have their chances at love. Indeed, for two of them, it is actually a second chance at love… read more.


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