Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford: Chronology of Publication in Household Words

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Cranford has often been criticized for its lack of coherency; taking a look at its publishing history and the gaps between publications perhaps helps us better understand. Regardless it’s remembered and Mrs. Gaskell’s classic work and its popularity has kept her other works in print. In between juggling her work for the church, running the household, and raising four children she managed to preserve the memory of villages like where she grew up; it’s little quirks and how it adapts to change with the series of vignettes that charm and entertain.

Volume Issue Chapter Published
IV No. 90 Our Society at Cranford December 13, 1851
IV No. 93 A Love Affair at Cranford January 3, 1852
IV No. 103 Memory at Cranford March 13, 1852
V No. 106 Visiting at Cranford April 3, 1852
VI No. 146 The Great Cranford Panic 1 January 8, 1853
VI No. 147 The Great Cranford Panic 2 January 15, 1853
VII No. 158 Stopped Payment at Cranford April 2, 1853
VII No. 163 Friends in Need at Cranford May 7, 1853
VII No. 165 A Happy Return to Cranford May 21, 1853

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  1. Kim says:

    I am really amazed at how Victorians managed to read stories in serials! If I like a story, there’s no way I can wait for a year to read the next chapter!

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