Monthly Elizabeth Gaskell Chroncile – June 2011 Edition, pt 1

The Monthly Elizabeth Gaskell Chronicle brings together news items, the best recent blog posts, covering a variety of opinions, arts and crafts inspired by, and events related to the authoress.

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Gaskell Events

The Gaskell Society has arranged a summer event in Knutsford. For further information or to book contact Janet Kennereley at janetkennerley (at) hotmail (dot) com

Brook Street Chapel is putting the final touches to an exhibition on Elizabeth Gaskell which was designed by the late Joan Leach. Joan, who died in September 2010, came up with the idea before she died, and the chapel will be putting on the display from May 30. Before it opens organisers are looking for any 19th century ‘knick-knacks’ as well as a Regency dolls house to replicate Heathwaite House in the exhibition… read more.

Gaskell In the News

  • The ashes of Joan Leach have been buried next to an author she championed across the world. Joan dedicated much of her life to Gaskell and her works, even helping set up the Gaskell Society in 1985, which is now a worldwide organisation with almost 600 members… Read the full article at the Knutsford Guardian.
  • 84 Plymouth Grove, the family home of the Gaskell’s was extensively damaged in early May by thieves who ripped the roof off to remove lead… Read the full story at the BBC.

Not familiar with the 84 Plymouth Grove? Learn more:
• Living at Elizabeth Gaskell’s Residence: An Interview with Monica Fairview
• 84 Plymouth Grove Architect: Richard Lane

Gaskell Inspiring Creativity

Margaret is wearing a brown silk skirt, white muslin blouse, and straw bonnet “of best shape and materials, trimmed with white lace”. … view images of the watercolors.

Cynthia was inspired the saucy and glamorous character in Elizabeth Gaskell’s classic “Wives and Daughters” and the wonderful BBC miniseries starring Keeley Hawes as Cynthia Kirkpatrick. Cynthia had an instinctive and original style, able to create distinctly flattering looks for herself, and even helping Molly any time she could. Cynthia is made with rich, warm colors that would have easily satisfied her love of luxury.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tragic about the vandalism at 84 Plymouth Grove. I hope they can recover from this. It is such a beautiful house!

    1. Isn’t it terrible! And so soon after the exterior renovations.

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