An Introduction to Kim, a Guest Contributor

Hello dear Gaskell Blog readers!

My name is Kim and I write a little (but growing) blog called Love Letters to the Library. I loved The Moorland Cottage group read very much and I am extremely flattered that Katherine has asked me to help out with the upcoming reading of Ruth. I know we are both excited to share this wonderful novel with you.

As Katherine’s post says, Ruth is quite a unique project about an unmarried mother and her desire to find love and respect. And, as always, Elizabeth Gaskell’s amazing prose takes center stage.

In fact, it is her captivating writing that drew me to be such a big fan! In Gaskell’s books, I find characters I can love, ones I can hate, ones I can love and hate, but it’s the prose that keeps me coming back. Gaskell has such a loving sarcasm that her books cannot help but be endearing.

I am an admitted English nerd – I studied it in school and I teach it now. My two major loves are early modern (Shakespeare and company) and Victorian literature. Period movies are another of my admitted weaknesses, which is how I came to discover Elizabeth Gaskell.

For all my love of Victorian literature, it took a viewing of the incredible BBC television adaptation of North and South to make me wake up and pay attention. I found the story (and Richard Armitage) irresistible and bought the book the next day. The rest, as they say, is history. How many of you fell in love the same way?

I hope that you will find Ruth to be just as wonderful as our beloved North and South and Cranford. I very much look forward to this reading group and to hearing from all of you!

You can contact me:

Yours in mutual Gaskell love,



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Barbara Kidder says:

    Hello Kim:
    Can’t wait to read your commentary as we delve into Elizabeth Gaskell’s Ruth!

  2. Diane says:

    Kim – looking forward to hearing from you

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