Gaskell Chronicle – April 2nd

The Gaskell Chronicle brings together the best recent blog posts, covering a variety of opinions, news items, and events related to Elizabeth Gaskell. Going forward it will publish monthly instead of weekly. If you’d like to stay updated in between publications, follow me on twitter.

If you you’d like to suggest something be included, please contact me.
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The Gaskell Society AGMwill be held Wednesday April 9th 10.30 am at the Manchester Cathedral Visitor Centre.

Book Reviews

White Nights writes her thoughts on Mary Barton

Gaskell poured so much love into the character of John Barton, making you feel for him as poverty rips away both his family members and his dignity while he desperately tries to take some control over the situation, that Mary seemed to be almost a side note.  Her intrigues with two men of different classes weren’t written with nearly the same amount of emotion as John’s efforts to help those around him.  Turns out the novel was originally titled John Barton until an editor suggested it might sell better as Mary Bartonread more.

The Hungry Reader shares what he likes about Gaskell’s writing and a bit on The Moorland Cottage

I love the way that Mrs. Gaskell writes and I have enjoyed all of the previous books of hers that I have read. She is one of my favorite authors. I think she has such a way with words and expressing simple thoughts and ideas, she can make the most mundane circumstances sound charming and poetic… read more.

Adaptation Reviews

The Wild Wood reviews the BBC adaptation of North and South

The miniseries is quite beautiful, even though most of it is spent depicting just how grimy and unappealing the industrial city of Milton is.  Cotton flies through the air like snow, all of the buildings are cast in drab gray stone, and everyone dresses in muted colors. The acting is superb as well, and I was particularly moved by the character of Mr. Bell, played by Brian Prothroe… read more.


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