Elizabeth Gaskell’s The Moorland Cottage: Ch. 7 Annotation – Evenings at Home Collections

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Do you remember a story in ‘Evenings at Home,’ called the Transmigrations of Indra?

Evenings at Home was a collection of six volumes filled with stories written for children by John Aikin, a nonconformist doctor, and his sister, Anna Laetitia Barbault, who was a teacher and involved in politics. The correct title of the story is ‘Transmigrations of Indur’ perhaps Gaskell’s error was from reading Henry David Thoreau’s translation of The Transmigration of the Seven Brahmans, in which Indra from Hindu mythology is mentioned.

With many thanks to Google Books the full story is available to read here.

At the time when fairies and genii possessed the powers which they have now lost, there lived in the country of the Bramins, a man named Indur, who was distinguished, not only for that gentleness of disposition and humanity towards all living creatures, which are so much cultivated among those people, but for an insatiable curiosity respecting the nature and way of life of all animals …continue reading


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