Elizabeth Gaskell’s The Moorland Cottage: Ch. 2 Visual Annotation: Buxton’s Garden Flowers

Gaskell Blog © Katherine C.

There were roses, and sweet-peas, and poppies–a rich mass of color, which looked well, set in the somewhat sombre coolness of the hall.

Let’s compare the meaning of the Buxton’s garden flowers to those of Moorland Cottage. The Victorian’s developed the language of flowers as a way to express their feelings; do the flowers Gaskell mentions have a meaning within the story?


Flower Meanings: bliss, delicate pleasures; having a good time
© Alexa


Flower Meanings: beauty, consolation, sleep, resurrection, eternal life
© Charlotta Wasteson


Flower Meaning: love (red), friendship (yellow), admiration, joy (pink), purity (white)
© Mike Tungate

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