Elizabeth Gaskell’s Moorland Cottage: Ch. 2 Visual Annotation – Victorian Afternoon Tea

Gaskell Blog © Katherine C.

Her Grace, Anna, The 7th Duchess of Bedford, started the tradition of Afternoon Tea. Wanting to keep her energy up between a light lunch and late dinner she began inviting friends to her Dressing Room (a lady’s parlor near her room) to partake of refreshments and tea.A good friend and Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Victoria, her Majesty was charmed with the idea and Afternoon tea became a firm tradition. Because of Mrs. Buxton’s illness, her tea with Erminia and Maggie would’ve been fairly informal.


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  1. Phylly3 says:

    Interesting! I would have thought afternoon tea went back further than Victorian times. Queen Vic’s influence on the culture of her time still endures right up to the present day!

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