84 Plymouth Grove Architect: Richard Lane

Gaskell Blog © Katherine C.

Born in London in 1795 Richard Lane studied architecture in Paris at Le École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. He settled in Manchester in 1821 and soon became one of the most prominent architects; He was a founder and President of the Manchester Architectural Society.

While mostly known for his architecture influenced by Greek Classicism, he also used a variety of styles in his designs. The Manchester Royal Infirmary with it’s use of red brick & lime reminds me of the Georgians.

Manchester Royal Infirmary © Rob Tatt

The Queen Elizabeth Grammar School is a mixture of Tudor (notice the shallow point of the arch used for the entrance window) and Elizabethan (parapets, window heads, and large windows).

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School © Mike Kirby

His ecclesiastical designs were a simplified version of the Gothic style, as shown below in the Royal Chapel of St. John the Baptist, with it’s small lancet arch windows and aspirations of height, but cleaner symmetrical design.

Royal Chapel of St. John the Baptist © Tasa M

84 Plymouth Grove is a Neoclassical villa with seven bedrooms, two attics, three living rooms, and a basement kitchen. It’s unique to his career, not only because Elizabeth Gaskell and her family would later live there, but also because it was a residential building. Most of his commissions were from municipal governments, such as the Salford Town Hall.

Salford Town Hall

To view images of 84 Plymouth Grove please visit my post, Living at Elizabeth Gaskell’s Residence – An Interview with Monica Fairview

Featured Image of Chorlton-on-Medlock Town Hall © Tim Green

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