Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford: Ch. 8 Annotation – Visual of Mrs. Jamieson’s Furnishings

Gaskell Blog © Katherine C.

Loosely based on the descriptions of Mrs. Jamieson’s furniture I’ve collected a few images:


The chair and table legs diminished as they neared the ground, and were straight and square in all their corners. The chairs were all a-row against the walls, with the exception of four or five which stood in a circle round the fire. They were railed with white bars across the back, and knobbed with gold; neither the railings nor the knobs invited ease.

© Oak & Country Furniture Partnership

Pembroke Table

There was another square Pembroke table dedicated to the Fine Arts, on which were a kaleidoscope, conversation cards, puzzle-cards (tied together to an interminable length with faded pink satin ribbon), and a box painted in fond imitation of the drawings which decorate tea-chests.

© TheordoreAlexander UniqueCollections

Japanned Table

There was a japanned table devoted to literature, on which lay a Bible, a Peerage, and a Prayer-Book.

With trade moving more freely throughout the world there was a taste for the exotic and Mrs. Jamieson was no doubt the first to have such an item.

© Melissa Goldman Studio

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  1. JaneGS says:

    Really enjoyed seeing the furniture mentioned in that part of Cranford. It’s so easy, when you’re reading, to just ignore things like that fact that I don’t know what a Pembroke table is. Sometimes I google using my handy iPhone, but it’s great that you are annotating Cranford for us with this group read.

    Thanks for all the posts–much appreciated.

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