Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford: Ch. 8 Annotation – Addressing Lady Glenmire

Gaskell Blog © Katherine C.

“By the way, you’ll think I’m strangely ignorant; but, do you really know, I am puzzled how we ought to address Lady Glenmire. Do you say, ‘Tour Ladyship,’ where you would say ‘you’ to a common person? I have been puzzling all morning; and are we to say ‘My lady,’ instead of ‘Ma’am?’ Now, you knew Lady Arley — will you kindly tell me the most correct way of speaking to the Peerage?”

Lady Glenmire is a baroness through marriage, speaking to her one would address her as:

  • My Lady
  • Your Ladyship
  • Lady Glenmire

The salutation in a letter would be:

  • Madam
  • Dear Lady Glenmire
  • Dear Baroness Glenmire

On envelopes:

  • The Rt Hon. Lady Glenmire
  • Lady Glenmire
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  1. JaneGS says:

    I’m really enjoying your posts about bits and pieces of Cranford as well as the story itself. Very interesting materia.

    1. Thank you, Jane! It’s so wonderful to hear that. 🙂

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