Gaskell Friday News & Web Round Up

© Jim Nelson

University of Puget Sound will be hosting Examining the Works of Elizabeth Gaskell by Dr. Priti Joshi, on November 17 at 3:00pm in the Tudor-styled Franke Tobey Jones building. Admission is free of charge.

My areas of interests in the period [19th century] are: industrialism, gender, and empire; travel and colonialism; filth and disease; feminism and masculinity; and the English novel… read more about the Proffessor.

Kirsten Cooke is Miss Matty

New Stage Production of Cranford directed by Ian Dickens and adapted by Martyn Coleman debuted November 9th.

The non-stop liveliness of the irresistible characters and their small adventures, absurdities and major tragedies will not only provide endless entertainment but also capture your heart.
– Playbill Description

It will be showing in the UK at:

Faithful to the original 1951 staging of the play, and directs an accomplished cast in a style that will be comfortingly familiar to fans of the TV series… read review by WOS.

© Breezy Brookshire

Book Release Elizabeth Gaskell, Victorian Culture, and the Art of Fiction: Essays for the Bicentenary was released November 11th

This new collection assembles fourteen original essays on Elizabeth Gaskell and her work by some of the leading Gaskell scholars, including Joanne Shattock and Alan Shelston. It also introduces the work of younger scholars exploring the varied discourses, ideologies, and contexts that characterize Gaskell’s writing. Focusing on examinations of texts ranging from Gaskell’s journalism to her letters, short stories, and novels, the collection provides useful modern approaches to the author’s oeuvre … read full description.

A Bowl of Moss and Pebbles artist Breezy Brookshire posted some lovely Autumn-inspired photographs and a little sketch of Molly Gibson and Osbourne Hamley.

Jane Austen’s World Vic Sanborn recently posted on Sue Birtwistle and Susie Conklin’s The Cranford Companion, including a short video that offers a preview of what’s inside.

Lushly illustrated in full color photographs, this companion book will provide fans of the two mini-series, Cranford and Return to Cranford, with all the behind the scenes stories about the production, film locations, map of Cranford, and the characters and actors who portray them. Included are points of historic interest, such as the building of the railroads, as well as information on etiquette, the fairer sex, Victorian society and more… read more.

Jane Austen Society of Brazil Adriana Zardini will be writing posts on our beloved author Elizabeth Gaskell. She’s started with a short biography

Elizabeth married in 1832, with the Rev. William Gaskell, minister in Manchester. The interesting thing is that Mrs. Gaskell reports that their wedding took place in the church of Knutsford, whose parishioners gathered to decorate it according to the customs of the region. Such decorations consisted of red sand spread on the floor in front of the houses, and with white sand, make designs or inscriptions depicting the ceremony on the red sand… (translated with Google) read more.

November 12, 1865 At the age of fifty-five, Elizabeth Gaskell suddenly died of a heart attack at her cottage in Holybourne, a village near Alton in Hampshire. She was laid to rest in Knutsford’s Brookstreet Chapel graveyard.


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