Cranford Group Read

Cranford remains Elizabeth Gaskell’s most popular novel. It’s a layered social comedy that has charm and wit. I hope to make this group read informative and fun and would be delighted if you’d join us!

I can testify to a magnificent family red silk umbrella, under which a gentle little spinster, left alone of many brothers and sisters, used to patter to church on rainy days. Have you any red silk umbrellas in London? We had a tradition of the first that had ever been seen in Cranford; and the little boys mobbed it, and called it “a stick in petticoats.” It might have been the very red silk one I have described, held by a strong father over a troop of little ones; the poor little lady – the survivor of all – could scarcely carry it.


Event Schedule

November 9th

November 16th – 22th

November 23rd – 29th

November 30th – December 6rd

December 7th – 12th

December 13th – 14th

  • Chapter 14
  • Chapter 15
  • Chapter 16
  • Tea: Congou, Souchong, Gunpowder, and Pekoe
  • Sinbad the Sailor
  • Event Wrap Up
  • Review of BBC’s 2007 production of Cranford
  • Review of Naxos Audiobooks Cranford

By and by all the town turned out to see the Alderney meekly going to her pasture, clad in dark gray flannel. I have watched her myself many a time. Do you ever see cows dressed in gray flannel in London ?


37 Comments Add yours

  1. Great job Katherine. You have planned everything out beautifully.

    1. Thank you so much, Laurel Ann! Your group reads gave me a precedent to follow. 🙂

  2. Helen Kaye says:

    Sounds great, certainly! I have never read “Cranford”, so will be glad to join this group read!

  3. Sarah says:


    I would dearly love to follow along as you read Cranford. My edition is falling apart and I will not have a replacement until Thursday. Is it still possible to join anyway? Thank you. 🙂

    1. Hello Sarah! I’d be glad if you follow along, no need to follow the schedule exactly.

  4. Patricia says:

    Beautiful layout, thorough information, and delightful pictures – I was surprised to find that _Cranford_ is still Gaskell’s most popular novel!

    1. Thank you Patricia!
      I too was surprised, I thought that title would go to North & South. 😉

  5. Melinda Mary says:

    I’d like to join you too — Will the book be available on line? Best, Melinda Mary from Pemberley

    1. Hello Melinda Mary!

      Cranford is available online compliments of Online Literature.

      There’s also a formatted ePub edition at GirleBooks but you need Adobe Digital Editions, a free eBook reading application.

      I’m so glad to have you with us.

  6. bccmee says:

    The site looks great! When is your next group read and which book are you reading? I recently bought a Kindle 3 and have been downloading lots of free public domain books!

    1. Thank you, BccMee. 🙂 The next read will probably be The Moorland Cottage but it won’t be until mid or late March.

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