Fashion Plate, 1829 A-l’Amadis and Gold Buttons


The silhouette of this pale persimmon colored walking dress has a much slimmer line to it– a style that doesn’t make a full comeback until the 1840s, so it’s quite ahead of its time. The sleeves are ‘a-l’Amadis, which puff and remain loose throughout the arm finishing with black gauntlet cuffs that have gold buttons as stylish details and ties in with the hem.  The collar is also black and has a narrow rouleau of gold trimmed with gray lace. Her green gloves and pink shoes tie in with her bonnet which unlike the dress is very much in the style of the late 1820s.


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  1. Alexa Adams says:

    I think the dress is gorgeous! One of my favorite plates you have shown so far, though the hem is a bit much (in my humble opinion).

    1. I agree, the buttons on the hem are a bit much. I’ve just found a lot lovely plates, I think you’ll like a few of them as well. 🙂

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