Gaskell Friday News & Web Round Up

Book Release The Cranford Companion was released October 4th (UK) and 26th (US). It’s written by Sue Birtwistle and Susie Conklin, the producers of television series adaptation Cranford as well as Wives and Daughters.

“In this glorious book, Sue Birtwistle and Susie Conklin explain how Elizabeth Gaskell’s timeless stories were interwoven to create their dramatisation; then, join Miss Matty and her friends for a guided tour round their bustling neighbourhood, before discovering how the production team recreated the costumes, landscapes and decor of an 1840s town. This beautifully illustrated volume is redolent with the attention to detail that has won Cranford so many awards.” Publisher Description

Manchester Literature Festival has been celebrating their Victorian author Mrs. Gaskell with a tour of Manchester and Knutsford.

“It was an excellent way to spend a Sunday and for fans to learn more about the life of a local prominent author whose work still provides a fascinating view of early to mid-nineteenth century Manchester” … read more

In addition Sue Birtwistle and Susie Conklin gave a talk about creating Cranford.

“The passion and commitment to the series from the producers was one of the most interesting and inspiring aspects to come out from the talk” … read more

From my Library Susan Abraham wrote a lovely post on Lizzie Leigh.

“This is a gentle, whimsical tale, almost an Aesop’s fable, relying on moral values and the price of retribution and atonement” … read more


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