Cranford Group Read Invitation

In the first place, Cranford is in possession of the Amazons; all the holders of houses above a certain rent are women. If a married couple come to settle in the town, somehow the gentleman disappears; he is either fairly frightened to death by being the only man in the Cranford evening parties, or he is accounted for by being with his regiment, his ship, or closely engaged in business all the week in the great neighbouring commercial town of Drumble, distant only twenty miles on a railroad. In short, whatever does become of the gentlemen, they are not at Cranford.

Katherine of the Elizabeth Gaskell Blog
requests the pleasure of your company as we visit the dear little town of Cranford each Tuesday from Nov. 9th through Dec. 14th


Event Schedule

November 9th

November 16th – 22th

November 23rd – 29th

November 30th – December 6rd

December 7th – 12th

December 13th – 14th

  • Chapter 14
  • Chapter 15
  • Chapter 16
  • Tea: Congou, Souchong, Gunpowder, and Pekoe
  • Sinbad the Sailor
  • Event Wrap Up
  • Review of BBC’s 2007 production of Cranford
  • Review of Naxos Audiobooks Cranford

I hope that you will join us!


17 Comments Add yours

  1. Annette says:

    Sounds great, this will start when I get back from my vacation!

    1. Look forward to seeing you there, Annette! I hope you enjoy your vacation. 🙂

  2. Janeite Deb says:

    This sounds great Katherine! – will be good for people to READ Cranford, as most of us likely know it best from the movie… I look forward to joining you!…

    1. Thank you, Deb! The novel is such a delight and I look forward to your comments. 🙂

  3. Dessie says:

    This is going to be so much fun! I ordered the book today. I have the Cranford DVD collection but have never read the book. You know what they say about the book being better than the movie… 🙂

    1. Katherine says:

      Delighted that you’ll be joining, Dessie! 🙂

      1. Dessie says:

        I ordered a copy of the book from Amazon and it came in today! Yea!! At first I thought I ordered the wrong thing because it was so, well, thin, but I guess that’s due to the small print!

        1. Katherine says:

          Compared with Gaskell’s other novels Cranford it is a bit short, but it’s such an layered little novel. 🙂

  4. Hi Katherine, I really want to joing this group! 🙂

  5. Katherine, I invited the brazilians fans too:

    1. Katherine says:

      Thank you very much for the mention, Adriana! 🙂 I’m so glad you’ll be joining us for the group read and look forward to reading your comments and thoughts.

      1. Aline Martins says:

        I got the invitation through Adriana, and I am in! 😀

  6. Tami Coxen says:

    It’s fate. I’d just started to read Cranford on my Kindle. It’s a free download along with North and South! I think I’ll wait until the 9th and join in! Looking forward to it!

  7. Leslie Ryan says:

    I got the book today, I am excited to read it. I have never seen the movies, so I won’t have other peoples imagination clogging up mine.

  8. iz4blue says:

    I just downloaded it on my ipod to look for the introduction. But none of the two free versions has an introduction.

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