Gaskell Friday News & Web Round Up

Please join me every other Friday as we review news and blog posts related to the authoress.
Before we begin, September 29th marked the 200th Anniversary of Mrs. Gaskell’s birth and based on the news, it seems, a new level of recognition!

BBC Elizabeth Gaskell honored in Westminster Abbey:

Devotees of Elizabeth Gaskell are rejoicing after the Manchester writer was memorialised at Westminster Abbey … read more

BBC Radio 7 Mrs. Gaskell note: scroll player to 1:40, where it begins

A dramatised portrait of the Victorian novelist based on her writings … listen here

Knutsford Guardian Founder of the Elizabeth Gaskell Society, Joan Leach, has passed away

Known as Mrs Knutsford the popular historian and author died at Tabley House Nursing Home at 8am this morning, Thursday, September 30 … read more

Austenprose hosted a lovely blog tour in honor of Mrs. Gaskell’s 200th Anniversary. There is also a giveaway of Naxos Audiobooks North & South. For details please visit any of the particpating blogs:

The Jane Austen Film Club mentions a visit to Edinburgh and one of the locations used in the BBC’s production of North & South. Be sure to follow up your visit with a stop at Richard Armitage Online’s North & South Locations where they have comparative photos of locations used.

Reading, Writing, Working, Playing JaneGS has come across an image of 1980s postage stamps featuring great literary authors including Eliot, Bronte, and Gaskell.


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